Check if system needs reboot

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆


Some system updates will require you to restart your system. Packages includes microcode, kernel, driver, xorg and systemd as likely candidates. Below is a list of packages which may warrent a system restart. If you can think of other packages to include in the check just add the package(s) to the $reboot regex in the script.

  • ucode
  • cryptsetup
  • linux
  • nvidia
  • mesa
  • systemd
  • wayland
  • xf86-video
  • xorg

Utility script

The script calls the checkupdates script - and yay if installed - and uses regular expression to suggest a possible system restart.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [[ $(which yay) =~ (yay) ]]; then
    updates=$(checkupdates; yay -Qua)
echo "$updates"
if [[ $updates =~ $reboot ]]; then
    echo "Updating possibly requires system restart ..."


As noted in comments the check is very broad and not intended by any means to be authoritative - it only serves the purpose of suggesting - before updates are installed - if system restart could be necessary.

Credit and inspiration

Inspiration from @Kresimir and EndeavourOS forum [1] [2] and the resulting script [3]

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