Raspberry Pi VNC over SSH

Raspberry Pi with no monitor

The document describes how to install a Raspberry Pi using Manjaro.

The end result will be GUI accesible by VNC over SSH.

The installation and configuration will be done entriely using SSH in a vritual terminal.


  • RPi4
  • Powersupply
  • Network connection using a cable and a network switch
  • 8GB SD card
  • A cardreader

Download the minimal Manjaro Arm image - locate the latest version using manjaro.org

Unpack the compressed image using unxz

unxz -d Manjaro-ARM-minimal-rpi4-$YY.$MM.img.xz

As root Write the unpacked image to SD card

dd if=Manjaro-ARM-minimal-rpi4-$YY.$MM.img of=$DEVICE status=progress bs=4k conv=noerror,fdatasync oflag=dsync

Insert the SD card in your PI and connnect network cable and power.

When the PI has booted locate the pi using network utility like arp-scan.

As root run the command

arp-scan --local

Or you can use nmap to only look for host with port 22 active

nmap -p22 --open 192.168.x.0/24

If you only have one pi on the network it should be fairly easy to locate the IP address in the output e.g.

192.168.x.y   dc:a6:32:xx:yy:yy   Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd

When you have located the device use ssh in terminal to connect to the pi

ssh root@192.168.x.y

When you are connected the OEM installer script will launch. Follow the prompts and let the device restart and when restarted use ssh to reconnect - this time using the username and password you created

Update the system

Run pacman-mirrors and update the system

sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && sudo pacman -Syyu

Next thing is to install some GUI packages to be used when connecting using VNC.

Xorg and drivers

This is a section I am unsure of. I have probably overdone the package selection but it is tested and it works

sudo pacman -Syu xorg-server xorg-server-common xorg-xinit


sudo pacman -Syu lxde epdfview accountsservice gnome-keyring gnome-icon-theme perl-file-mimeinfo xdg-user-dirs xdg-user-dirs-gtk xdg-utils

Network utilities including VNC

sudo pacman -Syu tigervnc netctl ifplugd iw wpa_supplicant dialog network-manager-applet networkmanager-openvpn

Setup and connect to VNC

Setup VNC on the Pi and connect as per this linked topic