Connect to Synology NFS share

Setting up NFS on Synology NAS

Access control

NFS do not use access control but IP address restriction.

DSM control panel

File Services

  • Open File Services
  • enable NFS
  • Enable NFSv4 (do not add domain)
  • Click Apply

Shared Folder

  • Open Shared Folder
  • Edit your shared folder
  • NFS Permissions
  • Add a single client based on IP




  • ReadWrite
  • Map all to admin
  • async no
  • no priv port denied
  • crossmount denied

You can add as many clients you need to any shared folder.

Synology do not recommend using subnets as this give any client connected to your network same permissions as yourself.

On your Manjaro client

Enable and start services to make Manjaro act as a NFS client.

$ sudo systemctl enable --now
$ sudo systemctl enable --now NetworkManager-wait-online.service

List the available mounts on your diskstation

$ showmount -e diskstation
❯ showmount -e diskstation
Export list for diskstation:
/volume1/data  192.168.x.x,192.168.x.y
/volume1/web   192.168.x.x,192.168.x.y
/volume1/video 192.168.x.x
/volume1/photo 192.168.x.x
/volume1/music 192.168.x.x

Create folder structure for mounting

$ sudo mkdir -p /data/nfs/video /data/nfs/music /data/nfs/photo

Set permissions on the nfs sub folder structure

$ sudo chmod -R ugo+rwx /data/nfs 


Note: Server name needs to be a valid hostname (not just IP address). Otherwise mounting of remote share will hang. - Arch wiki


$ sudo mount -t nfs diskstation:/volume1/video /data/nfs/video

If you want to auto mount shares on client add the share to /etc/fstab

diskstation:/volume1/video   /data/nfs/video  nfs auto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=10,timeo=14,x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min 0 0


You should have an idea on how you make your Manjaro connect to your NAS using NFS.