Building the tools required

The following pages contains mostly of quotes from the original topic - refactored to suit my reading style.

@openminded lists some required tools. Some of the tools is only available as PKGBUILDS which can be fetched from AUR.

Tools from the repo

  • sbsigntools
  • efitools
  • tpm2-tools

The tools I need to buiild are (although tpm2-top and plymouth is in the official repo I will go with the doc)

  • tpm2-totp-git
  • plymouth-git
  • sbupdate-git
  • shim-signed

There is a couple of methods available - either using an AUR helper or do it the Arch way

Manjaro's package manager Pamac

pamac install sbsigntools efitools tpm2-tools
pamac build tpm2-totp-git plymouth-git sbupdate-git shim-signed

The swiss army knife yay

yay -Syu sbsigntools efitools tpm2-tools tpm2-totp-git sbupdate-git shim-signed

Arch way - using git and makepkg. In this case you must ensure the package group base-devel is available as well

pacman -Syu sbsigntools efitools tpm2-tools git base-devel --needed

Then a small script

#!/usr/bin/env bash
tools=('tpm2-totp-git' 'plymouth-git' 'sbupdate-git' 'shim-signed')
for tool in ${tools[@]}; do
    git clone${tool}.git
    cd tpm2-totp-git
    makepkg -is
    cd ..