Run a Java program on Manjaro

What is a jar file

A jar is java package - a zip-compressed archive - including the code for a java application.

How can I start the application

The jar requires at least JRE (Java Runtime Environment) - some requires the full JDK (Java Development Kit). A JDK contains the corresponding JRE.

If in doubt of the actual requirements of the application - install the JDK.

To install the latest JRE

sudo pacman -Syu jre-openjdk

Or the complete environment

sudo pacman -Syu jdk-openjdk


To run the application contained in the jar

java -jar java-app.jar

Create a script and a launcher

If you want to launch the program from your menu or the terminal - create a script and a launcher as follows.

  1. Create the bin folder

    mkdir ~/.local/bin

  2. Move the jar to the bin folder Assuming it is in Downloads

    mv ~/Downloads/java-app.jar ~/.local/bin

  3. Create the script Open your favorite text editor with a new file and save it as ~/.local/bin/java-app with below content - the "$@" ensures that any arguments to the script is passed on to the java-app.jar file

    java -jar ~/.local/bin/java-app.jar "$@"
  4. Make the script executable

    chmod +x ~/.local/bin/java-app

  5. Create the application folder

    mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications

  6. Create the desktop launcher Use the text editor to create a new file and save it as ~/.local/share/applications/java-app.desktop with below content

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Some Java App
    Comment=Run the java-app.jar program
    GenericName=Some Java App


You are now be able to run Some Java App by providing the script name and any arguments for the java-app.jar and you can find it in the system's menu tree.